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You are in the Drivers License & ID. If you are looking for Drivers License & ID information dvlaguide.com is the right site for you. In this section you'll find out how to apply, renew and replace your drivers license, how to update any name or address changes, how to apply motorcycle license, or what medical rules apply to drivers

This site, dvlaguide.com, also covers the specifics for learners and new drivers, vehicle registration, taxing your vehicle, MOTs, how to SORN a vehicle, what forms you need and DVLA hours and locations.

What Happens if You Don’t SORN A Vehicle

As the registered keeper of your vehicle, it's your responsibility to tax it or make a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) if it's to be kept off the road.  If you don't, you could face an automatic penalty, further fines or your vehicle could be clamped, towed away or even crushed.

There's no way out

Your vehicle doesn't need to be seen on the road for an offence to have been committed. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) carries out a check of its records each month to identify untaxed vehicles. They have the authority to carry out enforcement action against you using the information held on their records.

As well as this, DVLA works in partnership with NCP Services Ltd, the police and local authorities in operating wheelclamping schemes. Using automatic number plate readers (ANPR) they identify, clamp and tow away untaxed vehicles on the public road.

What Will Happen

If you don't tax or SORN your vehicle you could be stopped by the police.

You'll get an automatic penalty of £80, as well as paying for a new tax disc and any arrears of vehicle tax you owe.

You could also get a County Court Judgment against you, be fined a minimum of £1000.

The maximum penalty for making a false declaration by declaring SORN when the vehicle is actually used or kept on a public road is £5000 and two years imprisonment.

Your vehicle could be clamped by one of DVLA's wheelclamping partners. You'll need to pay to have your vehicle released as well as producing a valid tax disc or surety fee if no disc is available. If you fail to pay, your vehicle will be impounded, incurring storage charges. If you don't pay the release or storage fees, your vehicle could be crushed or sold.